practice philosophy

Featured in various local and foreign magazines, MAKK architects projects ranges from interiors of offices, F&B, retails to architecture of landed houses. The practice strongly believes in seeing through the entire process from design to contract to construction completion as every design decision will impact the final cost, dynamics of space and hence, the inhabitants’ relationships. It does not subscribe to unnecessary ostentatiousness in the employment of finishes but believe that the true value lies in the understanding of the dynamics of architectural spaces and its chance of being able to provoke or evoke an emotive response.

In view of this believe, it strives constantly to make every piece of work different, not for the sake of just being different but because every client differs in habitual practices, idiosyncrasies and behaviours, not to  mention varying relational patterns and dynamics. These differences are evident in the projects completed and the current undergoing projects.

The practice does not believe in a particular style or a particular signature form, but rather pay attention to the details in the
inhabitants’ relationship that would affect or effect a change in the dynamics. In every project, there usually is one major element that captures the varying ‘idiosyncratic’ moment of its owner, and the outcome of the architectural form and interior space is nothing more than a relational manifestation of these. Though the practice does not believe in one particular style, which usually limits and inhibits the possibilities of design itself, it recognizes the emotive value that each architectural style inherently carries and will not hesitate to employ the appropriate style to complement the character of its inhabitants.


personal biography

principal architect :

lee may anne

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